"Work smarter, not harder!" – Pastor Rick

Here are some of our favorite resources out there. What's yours?
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Stock Fonts dafont.com Free Fonts 
Stock Fonts Google Fonts Free hosted web fonts 
Stock Fonts House Industries Photo Lettering Cheap display font setting 
Stock Fonts Lost Type Quality free fonts 
Stock Fonts Type Connection A typographic dating game 
Stock Fonts Your Fonts Make your own fonts with your handwritting! 
Stock Images Creative Market Graphics, fonts, themes, photos and more, starting at $2! 
Stock Images Icon Finder Search for downloadable icons 
Stock Images iStockphoto member-generated image and designs 
Stock Images Life Church Resources A great example of church resource sharing 
Stock Images Microsoft Word Flyer Templates Templates for Microsoft Word 
Stock Images Morgue File Public image archive for creatives by creatives 
Stock Images Pixabay Free quality photos for commercial use 
Stock Images Stock Layouts Paid and Free Templates for printed designs 
Stock Images Stocksy Nice stock photos 
Stock Images Unsplash Free high-resolution stock, good for nature shots 
Tools Adobe Kuler User submitted color swatches 
Tools Adobe Spark Easy layout for social posts 
Tools Avery Design Online Design stationery from your web browser 
Tools Bacon Ipsum Use food as placeholder text 
Tools Colour Lovers  
Tools Coolors Color Schemes 
Tools Designer's Toolbox Resources A resource website with templates. 
Tools FontFonter Try Web fonts on any websites, Pastor Rick found this 
Tools FontJoy Pairing fonts generator 
Tools Fontstruct Build your own fonts 
Tools Golden Ratio Typography Calculator Figure out sizes for type 
Tools Pictaculous Color Palette Generator from your Favorite Images 
Tools Placeit Easy Mock-ups 
Tools Place Kitten Use kittens as placeholder images 
Tools PSD Covers Photoshop Mockups 
Tools Seamless Studio Online Seamless Pattern Creator 
Trainings A List Apart New media design topics 
Trainings Brand New Current brand trends 
Trainings Creative Suite Podcast Tutorials on all of the Adobe Creative Suite 
Trainings Examples of Pull Quotes From Smashing Magazine 
Trainings Google Design Learn from Google about how they do design 
Trainings Instant Origami Origami for the rest of us! 
Trainings Photography Cheat Sheets  
Trainings Skillshare Learning for Creators 
Trainings The Indesigner Podcast Great video tutorials in Indesign 
Trainings Type Wolf What's trending in the world of type 
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