Email Signature

How to use our standard staff email signature:

1. Click and drag from the area after the line below to highlight the whole signature, then copy to your clipboard

2. Paste into an email you're composing or into your email client's signature section (instructions vary, click here for outlook's)

3. If the formatting doesn't look right after pasting in outlook, click the clipboard button that pops up after pasting then "keep source formatting".

4. Update and replace all placeholder text with your personal information

5. Send or save for later use

Advanced user's email signature:

If you'd like to add more information to your email such as a cell phone number and social media icons, copy the signature below instead. Note that you will need to know html to program the icons to point to your social media channels and delete the ones you don't need. It's always a good idea to test it out before using, because advanced editing like this could result in programming errors on certain email platforms. If you need help with programming yours, feel free to contact Web Services.